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Vancouver, Canada - July 11 & 12, 2014

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Studio business expert Sam Beckford
explains how he built his studio to over 3000 students.

Sam Beckford being interviewed on
national television about the success of his studio.


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Dear Fellow Studio Owner


My name is Sam Beckford. I’m 43 years old. My wife Valerie and I own 3 studios in the Vancouver area that we started from nothing in 1995 and built to 3,644 students. Today neither of us teaches anymore and we manage our studio mainly from our home office. Val & I have university business degrees as well as an arts background. We achieved our studio results by developing and using a combination of powerful business systems that we use to operate our studio with. Our systems are specific business methods of doing tasks like marketing, collections, hiring and retaining our students. We also use some low-cost, user-friendly web based computer elements to automate our studio and make it less labor intensive.

Sam and Val Beckford
Sam and Val Beckford owners of
one of North America's largest,
most profitable teaching studios.

Since 2000 over 1,900 studio owners from across North America have discovered 163 powerful business strategies from best-selling author and studio business expert
Sam Beckford at the annual Successful Studio Superconferences

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In July 2000 instead of franchising our studio we started teaching our systems to other studio owners in a 2 day seminar format.


So far 1,990 studio owners across North America are using our systems and ideas to get more students, retain students longer, run their business with less of their input, painlessly convert their studios to automatic tuition collection, attract and hire good quality teachers and make their studio run like a great business they can be proud of.

What will you discover in 2 days this summer that
can make a huge difference to you and your studio?

163 studio building strategies that cover topics like these and much more:

1. More Profit – Lots More

I will show you the strategies that have helped studio owners increase their profits by an extra $30,000-$70,000 per year. If you are worried about the economy or worried about your future security and retirements you don’t want to miss these strategies.


2. More Time Off

Time wealth is one of the big gest benefits you can get for your studio. Having your business run profitably without you being there is not an elusive fantasy. In the last 2 years we have been on 9 non-business related vacations while our studios have been open. Our system works so we don’t have to. We have been to Hawaii twice, went to Niagara Falls, rented beach houses and took my wife’s parents on a trip of a lifetime back to the “old country” in Holland.


Cruise Hawaii Holland


We didn’t check emails, call back to the studio or text message at all while we were on those trips. I’ll show you how we set up our systems so our studio runs well whether we are there or not. Val and I get very few calls from the studio when we are not there. Our system works so we don’t have to. If you are working too much right now, even if you are successful you are literally wasting your life energy needlessly. This summer I will share our systems and philosophy that can literally give you your life back. Money is useful, but “time wealth” – being able to do what you want, when you want, is the ultimate goal to strive for from your studio.

3. Supercharged Predictable Marketing Strategies

We will discuss 14 ways to get new students and talk extensively about how to get students for free from the internet. Last year we got 294 students from the internet or free without spending any money one pay per click advertising. This is the golden age of marketing if you know where to find the gold. If you aren’t registering a lot of students from the internet or you don’t show up on the first page at the top of Google for free you are missing a huge opportunity. A few years ago I hired an internet expert that charges $20,000 per year to help us get maximum return from our website. I will pass on critical information I learned that you can give to whoever programs your studio website to get more students for zero additional cost. You don’t need to know how to program computers or be even remotely “techie”. Within a few weeks, sometimes even a few days you will see results. At the Orlando seminar in July 2009 one of the attendees went up to her room on the first evening of the seminar on Friday night, did some of the suggestions to her website and got to the top of Google by the next day. That was an exceptionally fast example, and I can’t promise those results to everyone but the bottom line is our Google and internet ideas produce results.

4. Completely Automating Your Collections

If you don’t already collect tuition automatically you are wasting hours of time each week, losing money and living with a higher drop rate than you should have. I’ll show you exactly how to convert student from paying monthly to automatic collections. I’ll show you the system that over 400 studio owner who have attended our events are using and how we get 100% of our student base to pay automatically. .At the seminar you will also get 3 proven letters that you can use with your students to switch them to automatic tuition payment.

5. What To Do When Competition Comes To Town

If you have had a surge of competition in the last few years you are not alone. I’ll tell you how to survive and come out on top in the new competitive world of the studio industry.

6. How to Convert Your Studio into the Ultimate Goal – Long Term Financial and Personal Freedom

I will show you the 3 properties that house our studio. Two are buildings that we bought and one is a building that we built from the ground up. I will show you how we went from not even owning a house in 1999 to owning 3 properties and having a multi-million dollar net worth of studio real estate today. I will show you the easiest type of studio real estate to buy. If you already own a building I will tell you about 4 potential exit plans you can use to retire or semi-retire sooner. The “down” market in real estate has made this a terrific time to get a property for your studio; all you need is the information to do it.

Guildford School of Music & Dance Walnut Grove School of Music & Dance White Rock School of Music & Dance

This summer I will show you our 3 buildings  that  we own and explain how to buy or build
commercial real estate for your studio using strategies that can save you and make you tens of thousands of dollars.


All three have other tenants too, who pay a total of over $26,000 per month in rent (Yes, that is a staggering number to me too). That’s not including the rent we pay from our studio either. In the last 12 years I’ve helped studio owners from all across North America buy or build their own buildings. Even if you aren’t in a position to buy or build a property right now, being prepared for an opportunity in the future could set you up financially for life. This summer at the Successful Studio Superconference I will show you 163 strategies from our 290 page seminar notebook that will increase your student and profit numbers but I will also tell you how can own your own property probably a lot sooner than you think. I have even helped studios with as few as 130 students buy their own building. I will even show you examples of studio owners who just bought or are in the process of building their own building. The current economic condition has created an ideal time for studio owners to own their property. Don’t miss out- your opportunity of a lifetime could literally be right down the street.


7. Discussions with Other Motivated Studio Owners

You will get a chance to talk with other serious studio owners about business. We are the biggest all business seminar in the studio industry. Several of my clients who earn personal take home incomes of more than $100,000 per year from their studios will be re-attending to learn more ideas and network. At the Studio Superconference we don’t discuss teaching ideas at all, we are strictly business. This is the place to find new business ideas.

8. The Inside Story On Combining Dance and Music Programs

I’ll show you how we combine our two programs and you will get a chance to talk to other studio owners who teach music or dance. I have personally helped over 180 studio owners add dance to music or music to dance in the last 12 years. You may not be interested in adding an additional program right now but if an opportunity arises in the future this may be the ticket to increasing your profits by an extra $50,000 per year.

9. Customized Web Based Studio Scheduling, and Management Software

I’ll show you the software we use and you can talk to other studio owners that are using technology to simplify registration and management.


***Please Note - Studio Eligibility to Attend***

Unfortunately our seminar and advice is not an open invitation to every studio. In certain areas of North America we have been retained as studio business consultants on an exclusive basis. If we are already working with a studio on an exclusive basis in your area, we will not be able to work with your studio. I appreciate your understanding and respecting our policy.

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When you register for the summer seminars you will also get access to 2 group studio business coaching calls in April and June so you can start using our ideas and advice now.


On theses coaching calls I will discuss:

Previous Attendee Success Stories


Still not sure about registering? Here are some of the results and feedback from studio owners that have attended Superconference events in the last 12 years.


Greg & Gina Koch - Dancexcel Studios

Brunswick, Ohio

Attended her first Superconference in July 2008


Three short years ago, I was a full time Kindergarten teacher working my butt off making less than $35,000 each year. I had a passion for teaching children and a passion for dance so I wanted to do something to blend the two. I volunteered to start a dance team at my elementary school. It was the first of its kind since all the dance teams in our area were for high school students only. I passed out flyers in my school and to my surprise over 100 students tried out the first year. When I saw the overwhelming interest, I knew I was onto something. That night I went home and told my husband that I wanted to teach a few small private classes out of our home. Two days later, a construction crew was transforming our unfinished basement into a small dance room and little did we know this was the beginning of big, BIG things to come. Within 3 months I had 40 kids coming to my house on a weekly basis. I taught school all day and then came home and invited perfect strangers into my home while I taught their children in my basement studio. Needless to say, this got old pretty fast! The next year, we crossed our fingers and took a leap of faith and leased a beautiful 1800 square foot building unit. We hung a banner and did a newspaper article that focused on how great of a teacher I was and it worked. We grew from 40 students to 220! We had two spacious dance rooms, a lobby, and one bathroom. I thought I had a booming business; the only problem was the studio was me and I was the studio. As the days dragged on the exhaustion set in.

I was still teaching kindergarten, part time, and spent ALL of my time teaching the classes on my studio schedule. I had 5 other teachers that   Read more..


Ann Marie Frank - AMA Dance & Music School

Des Plaines, Illinois

Attended her first Superconference in July 2008
and has re-attended every year since.


It’s May 2008.  I have $256,000 in business debt and the economical downfall has hit Chicago.  Our studio parents are losing their jobs and students are dropping classes daily.  Our current families are not paying their tuition. I can’t pay my bills.  I am a single mom with 3 young teenagers.  I am scared.


Then Sam’s postcard came.  I was intrigued and ordered the DVD.  I wanted to attend the Superconference, but was hesitant because of the cost.  I asked my then 14-year-old daughter, Kendall, what I should do. She replied simply, “You’re out of ideas.  You should go.”  The next thing I knew, I was picking up the phone and registering.


For all practical purposes, Kendall is my business partner.  I’ve always bounced ideas off of her and respected what she had to say.  It made sense to ask her to come with me. I was a little nervous about sneaking a 14-year-old into the conference, but she fit in just fine.  I told her to bring a book in case she was bored.  (We now laugh at this notion.)


After about 30 minutes at the seminar, I was completely hooked and so was Kendall. By the end of the first day, we were excited and motivated. But, I was also nervous and apprehensive.

Over the next 18 months, our student base increased by 35%, and our yearly sales increased by 65%! I was able to hire front desk help and pay down my debt. Most importantly, I recently took all 3 of my kids on our first family vacation since 2004  - we were gone a glorious 13 days.   Read more..


Sharon Goldfarb - Sharon's Studio of Dance

Whippany, New Jersey

Attended her first Superconference in July 2005
and has re-attended every year since.


June, AH! The recital is over, it was a success and I feel great! Of course, I can do this again next year. It was all worth it! July, oh let’s just not think about it. August, my stomach starts to hurt. September I can hardly breathe. Hell’s coming! My life is over for the next 9 months. Even when I’m not at work, I’m at work, no peace.


I began my school in 1975, at age 19 with 49 students, in a church hall which was barely presentable. It was old and cold. Rented on weekends and left filthy for Monday. What made this hall so appealing was the rent was only $25.00 per day. I taught every class, answered the phone, handled the parents and collected weekly fees. If someone was absent they didn’t pay! Along with our little dancers we had rats and raccoons, which would show up unannounced. This all impacted our retention numbers. In spite of all of this, the numbers grew to 500 within the first 5 years, but I could never get past that plateau. I stayed for 20 years. When the new priest took over I was out!


It was now July of 1995 and my life was a nightmare. I had just lost the space at the church; I had 2 young boys, miscarried, my dad a retired police officer, was shot and killed in a car jacking and my marriage was getting very volatile. I found new space, built it and opened on time in September. The rent was 5x’s what I was paying at the church. Because I had been in recovery from alcohol for four years the

new space afforded me a new strength. However, the abuse from my husband escalated at the same time. The beautiful studio and my working longer and harder wasn’t helping me to increase my student numbers. I worked literally day and night to survive an abusive marriage, care for   Read more..


Common Q & A about the Superconference


Q. Will the information I learn at the seminar apply to my situation? What if I have a very small studio or a big, established studio or? What if I’m in a bigger city or a smaller rural community? What if I’m brand new or have been in business for 30 years? Does it make a difference if I teach private lessons or group classes?
A. The ideas we will discuss are universal. There may be some unique characteristics in certain   Read more..


Q. $1497 seems expensive for a 2 day seminar. Couldn’t I get the same information somewhere else a lot cheaper, or just figure everything out on my own?
A. $1497 would be expensive for a 2 day seminar if it was just a regular seminar. What you are   Read more..


Q. Which hotel is the seminar held at?
A. We use brand name hotels for our events like Marriott and Sheraton hotels. Once we have  Read more..


Q. Do you sell studio software? Will you be trying to sell us software at the seminar?
A. I am not in the software business. I am in the business of running studios and providing   Read more..


Q. Tell me about this money back guarantee, how does it work?
A. You can attend the first full day of our seminar and if you are not completely thrilled with the   Read more..


Q. Tell me more about this ongoing Studio Business Coaching Program where I can consult with you personally and get a chance to win a car for improving my studio.
A. The Studio Mastermind program is an ongoing monthly coaching program you will get a chance to   Read more..


Q. Can’t you tell me if my studio is blocked out before I submit my registration?
A. We accept our registrations on a first come first served basis. If we were to confirm that   Read more..


Q. What are the running times of the seminar so I can plan travel? Can I plan to fly in or fly out the same day of the seminar?
A. All of our seminars run from 9AM-5PM Friday and Saturday and lunch is included. Check-in  Read more..


Q. I still have questions can I contact you?
A. You can call me at 1-800-752-1219. I am very busy but if you are serious and have specific   Read more..


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